Energy Mastery 1

Learn energy techniques for self healing, success & mastery!

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How this class will benefit you:   

With the intuitive energy tools you learn in this class, you will: 

  • Learn how to get centered and grounded into Present Time and connect to your spirit, creative energy and to Divinity. 
  • Learn what your own space is, how to find your space and how to protect yourself and your space. 
  • Be able to look within and heal yourself by grounding and releasing energy. 
  • Be able to reclaim the natural energies of your spirit like joy, enthusiasm, freedom, wellness, and prosperity, etc. and bring them into the body to transform your reality.

Ultimately, the tools you learn in this class enable you to be a conscious creator and a master at manifesting and self-healing….mastering the energy in your life.

What's included?

7 Videos
3 Texts
1 Download
Tara Brennan
Tara Brennan

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